Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012 From Docx2doc.com

Dear Loyal Users,

As we wrap up the year, we want to wish everyone happy and safe holidays this year.

Even in a "low traffic" time like November and December we are celebrating some milestones here at Docx2doc.com. We had the highest one day document conversion day last month, as well as receiving strong traffic and conversions so far through December. We are happy to report that we needed to upgrade our servers to handle this amount of traffic!

Also, we are reflecting on the things we accomplished this year, such as adding compression to just about any type of file using zip and gzip.

We also added a file conversion search feature, so you can easily find file converters we support as well as similar ones in case we have some that you haven't thought of. With over 250 file converters now just listing them is overwhelming - the search tool really helps now!.

We also added temporary storage of converted files from one hour to one month. You can socialize your conversions by sharing and linking of converted files on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Not to mention adding a different conversion engine for the wps to doc converter and support for RAR files. On top of that we added VCARD support, as well as converting to and from CSV

Also don't forget you can now add file conversion to your web site or blog.

We are looking for to a great 2013 and we hope you are to!

Warm Regards,

The Docx2doc.com Team

Monday, November 26, 2012

Converting files to formatted text

When you convert files to text using other converters you may be surprised at the results because converters have different ideas on what should be displayed. For example, if you convert pdf to text, do you just dump out the raw text, or do want formatting of the results such as indents and bullet points?

At www.docx2doc.com we believe you should have as much formatting as possible that the file format allows. So if you convert docx files to text you will see stars (*) as bullet points and columns formatted with vertical lines. It would be much easier to just give the raw text, but we think it is more useful to have the formatting preserved.

The same is true for Microsoft Pocket Word  psw to txt, or pdf to txt. Maintaining the formatting allows you to easily read and edit the resulting file. Additionally, we include carriage returns and linefeeds as per most applications use for rendering the result file. This gives you nice linebreaks instead of running all the lines together when displayed under common apps such as Word or Notepad.

The Docx2doc.com Team

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Convert files directly from your iPhone

If you are in a bind and need to convert a file that resides on your iPhone you are out of luck...until now. The native iOS installation does not permit file uploading in a browser which is a big inconvenience when you have received a file and need to get it converted ASAP.

Fortunately, there is a patch called Safari Upload Enabler which changes the settings on your Safari browser to be more like a traditional browser on a laptop or desktop machine. After you install this patch you can click on the "Browse.." button to select your file for converting.

The Safari Upload Enabler is a generic tool which can be used on other web sites, but for us it should be called the Safari Document Converter Enabler!

The docx2doc.com Team

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Free document converter for your website

You can add value to your web site or blog by adding a free document converter button. To add our most popular converter, docx to doc go to our linking page to copy the html code and paste it on your web site. Your users will see the familiar "Browse.." button to select a file and then they can instantly convert their file online.

Users will see the following on your website or blog:

Please note that you can specify different converters by clicking on the alternate links such as: pptx to ppt or xlsx to xls. You can also add any of our 200+ file converters to your site by searching for a file converter and then clicking on the "add free converters to your website" link near the file conversion button. Or if you are comfortable modifying the html you can replace the "docx" and "doc" extensions to reflect the converter you would like to show.

The document converter is a free tool which will keep your users engaged on your web site and encourage them to come back as they need different file converters.

The Docx2doc.com Team

Monday, November 5, 2012

Convert RAR to ZIP Online

Have a RAR file you need to un-archive? Docx2doc.com now supports rar to zip so you can easily extract the files within a .rar archive.

RAR stands for Roshal Archive, which is a proprietary format that incorporates multi volumes, compression, and has built in functionality to deal with errors in the archive.

If you have an RAR file you can easily use our online converter to un-archive the file and turn it into a zip file. From there you have access to all the files in the archive using standard zip tools or opening it as a folder under different versions of windows.

Enjoy the RAR to ZIP file converter!

The Docx2doc.com Team

Friday, November 2, 2012

Compress files online with zip and gzip

We are expanding our toolbox of file services by allowing you to compress files online. If you need to quickly zip a file online you can do this at  www.docx2doc.com. For those unix users we also allow you to gzip a file online, which will give you the resulting file with a .gz extension.

Using compression you can reduce the file size significantly, sometimes up to 90%. If you have a large file that cannot be e-mailed because it is too big you can try compressing it first which may reduce the size enough to be allowed through various mail services.

Another application for compression is to archive a large file,  allowing you to save space on your computer's hard drive. This is typically used when a large file is unlikely to be used in the near term, such as a backup or if you're operating system is complaining that you are low on disk space.

The Docx2doc.com Team

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Share converted files on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

Recently we introduced a new feature which optionally stores converted files on our server for future retrieval. Before we had this feature we displayed and removed files immediately, but now the default storage time is 1 hour. The original file and any temporary files are removed immediately.

The 1 hour default storage gives you a lot of benefits without compromising your privacy. If you would like the file to be deleted right away you can change the storage time to 10 seconds and once that time elapses the file is permanently gone. You can also change the storage time to 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month. This feature allows you to share the link to your file on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Plus. Simply click the familiar social networking icons to pass the link to the respective social networking site for sharing with your group, circle, or even in a private message.  You can even post it only to yourself just for reference.

This is a great feature to allow you to easily share your converted files with only the people you specify. Each social networking site has different ways to specify a list or group, so you should use those options to restrict your file. You could even not restrict it and make the converted file public if you wish.

To post a link to a converted file on a social networking site you can start by searching for a file converter.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New WPS to DOC file converter engine

Although the Docx2doc.com web site does not retain documents, we do look at the statistics at the success rate of individual file converters. We had noticed that the WPS to DOC converter did not meet our standards, and we put some effort in to improving this converter.

The WPS file extension refers to Microsoft Works Documents. Microsoft Works is a stripped down version of Microsoft Word, and has it's own file format because it does not contain the full features of MS Word.

We completely changed the converter engine for WPS to DOC, and it has a much better conversion success rate now. We are pleased to present the new

Microsoft Works to MS Word Converter

The Docx2doc.com Team

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Docx2doc.com Downtime due to Godaddy DOS Attack

Although Docx2doc.com does not use Godaddy to host our web site, we did experience downtime because one service in particular uses the Godaddy service. The DNS (Domain Name Service) for Godaddy was down for hours yesterday making Docx2doc.com inaccessable because the the domain name could not be translated into and IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Your computer tries to find our site IP address when you type in www.docx2doc.com into your browser or click on a link. This service was not working because of the Denial of Services (DOS) attack on Godaddy and users subsequently could not go to our web site.

After several hours of downtime Monday it appears systems are back to normal. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Docx2doc.com Team

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New File Converter Search Tool

We use our own site quite often and as we keep adding file converters realized it is becoming harder and harder to find the one we want to use.

And the Docx2doc.com file converter search tool was born. With over 170 file converters it is now easy to located the exact one you need by using the search box located on just about every page. It's simple and easy to use, just type in something a quick file extension or phrase like the following:

docx to doc
convert to doc
to pd
convert from docx to doc
etc, etc...

This will give you a prioritized list of the file converters we support. Once you located the correct one just click on it to bring you to the page where you can upload your file to convert.

This will be a huge timesaver for everyone, and we look forward to using it a lot ourselves!

Search 170+ File Converters


The Docx2doc.com Team

Convert CSV, XLSX, PPTX, VCARD and more

We have been working away trying to expand and improve our already huge file converter list. We added ouptut to XLSX and PPTX. We received a few requests to handle VCARD, so we added VCard to Excel, Vcard to CSV, Vcard to PDF, Vcard to HTML and a lot more.

  Also, while we were looking at the CSV we just went ahead and added all kinds of CSV input and ouptut converters just to cover it all.

 If you have any suggestions on what file converters we should have please contact us. In the meantime, please enjoy the new converters:

Converting from VCF
Converting to XLSX
Converting to PPTX
Converting to CSV
Converting from CSV

Have a great day!

The Docx2doc.com Team

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Convert PDF files to Text

You might receive a PDF file on a smartphone or computer without a PDF viewer available. No need to panic, Docx2doc.com can also extract just the text of a PDF file so you can see what is inside.

Of course, the PDF to Text Converter is done online, so it is not necessary to download programs or install untrusted software. Running unknown executables on your compter or smart phone may embedd a trojan horse or virus on your computer. By using the Docx2doc.com online converter, we eliminate this risk as we host the software converter program on our servers.

Of course, changing the PDF file to text does lose some formatting, but the text should be readable to give you a good idea what the PDF document is about. You can also convert the PDF file to MS Word Doc or Docx format to preserve some of the formatting.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Add File Conversion on your blog

Want to get your followers to come back more often? You can do this by giving them useful tools to use right from your blog. By giving your followers easy access to convert documents will keep them coming back to your pages!

All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML on the following link. Then, when your followers come to your web site they will be able to quickly convert documents right from your page.

Go to the following link for details so you can easily copy and paste the HTML to embedd file conversion on your web site or blog.

We hope you enjoy this document conversion option which gives you stickyness for your websites.

The Docx2doc.com Team

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Store converted files on Docx2doc.com

We are pleased to announce that Docx2doc.com can now store your converted documents up to one month. In the past we converted your files on the fly and opened the converted documents directly in your browser or through direct download to your computer.

Now, after a successful file conversion we store your file for one hour by default. On the conversion results page you can select a different duration such as one day, one week, or one month.

If you wish to delete your file immediately you can select the '10 seconds' option which destroys your file while you wait.

Additionally, we offer an e-mail option so you can e-mail your converted file to yourself, a colleague, or friend.

We hope you enjoy these new features to store converted files at docx2doc.com.

The Docx2Doc.com Team

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Docx2doc.com is now 100% FREE

Good news for everyone, we have opened up our site to all users to convert as many docx files to doc as they want.

Docx2doc.com is now completely free, no registration is required, no e-mail is required, all documents are converted on the fly while you wait. Those other sites require you to give up your e-mail wait for your document to come, but it all happens instantly without giving up your information at www.docx2doc.com.

We want your experience to be the best because we rely on word of mouth to help grow the site and help others convert documents quickly and efficiently.

If you have any feedback or features you would like to see please don't hesitate to contact us!

The Docx2doc.com Team