Monday, February 18, 2013

Why convert docx files to doc

Even though the "docx" file format was introduced in 2007 we are experiencing record demand for our on the fly document conversion service.  There are a number of situations that necessitate the use the docx to doc service.

First of all, people are not upgrading at a rate as in the past. One reason is the economy. In a recession people and business don't spend money on things that are currently working, and that could mean a slower upgrade cycle. Also, desktop and laptop computer sales have slowed in recent quarters, and that creates a lack of confidence for people to upgrade their software as well. Why spend money on something that is currently working? And if you do have extra money to spend, the current trend is a smart phone or tablet.

It could take decades before Office 2003 isn't used anymore. For example, many businesses are slow to upgrade from Microsoft XP, even though sales ended in 2008, extended support is possible through 2014. If people are not updating their OS, then they are probably reluctant to upgrade the software on it to maintain compatibility.

Also, older computers are used for a longer period of time in third world countries because they don't have the money to upgrade. In many cases they buy older computers at a fraction of the cost and use the appropriate software for compatibility.

All of this means there are plenty of people out there who receive docx files and cannot read them. The advantage of using an online service like is that we don't require any software to install, we just convert the file and send it back to you online. There are no upgrades and you have the best of both worlds!

The Team

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Convert documents for your website using

Several web sites are using the Docx2doc OEM service to convert documents behind the scenes. These sites pass files over to Docx2doc using our HTML API, specify the destination format, and then receive the converted file.

This service works great for them because they don't have to maintain the converter engine or specifically configure servers, and it is convenient as well. All of this happens behind the scenes, so the user going to our partners web sites don't even know the details of what happened, they just get presented with a converted document.

For example, if you have web site A, someone could go to it, upload a file, and get a converted file back without ever leaving web site A.  Web site A transparently sends the file to and  then converts it and sends the resulting file back to web site A. The person never leaves web site A or sees

If you are interested in the behind the scenes OEM conversion service please contact us.

The Team