Friday, May 31, 2013

Document Converter Engine Upgrade

Document Conversion Hardware Improved 4 Times Over

For the second time in roughly a month we felt the need to upgrade the converter web server. Lately we have been overwhelmed with requests for converting docx to docdocx to pdf, and doc to pdf files. This second upgrade gives us 4 times the horsepower to convert documents online.

Many other websites take your files and put them in a queue and convert them when they get around to it. takes a different approach and converts the files while you wait. To do this we need some serious computing horsepower. to get the document conversion done quickly.

A lot of people complain when the need to upgrade servers. However, we are happy to do this as need because that means our document converter traffic is growing.

Maximum File Size Limit Doubled

Additionally we increased the maximum file size from 10 megabytes to 20 megabytes because we can now handle larger files.

If you haven't converted documents lately, you can check out to see just how easy it is.

The Team