Saturday, September 8, 2012

New File Converter Search Tool

We use our own site quite often and as we keep adding file converters realized it is becoming harder and harder to find the one we want to use.

And the file converter search tool was born. With over 170 file converters it is now easy to located the exact one you need by using the search box located on just about every page. It's simple and easy to use, just type in something a quick file extension or phrase like the following:

docx to doc
convert to doc
to pd
convert from docx to doc
etc, etc...

This will give you a prioritized list of the file converters we support. Once you located the correct one just click on it to bring you to the page where you can upload your file to convert.

This will be a huge timesaver for everyone, and we look forward to using it a lot ourselves!

Search 170+ File Converters


The Team

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