Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Docx File Format History

"Docx" files, or files ending with the extension .docx were introduced in 2007 as the new document format for Microsoft Office.  Open Office XML (OOXML) is the overall file format which covers Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel.

The new "docx" file format is a collection of files zipped together to form one overall file. The individual files consist of XML documents, binaries, and supporting files such as ".rels" which holds information on the organization of the files which make up the "docx" file.

This format contrasts sharply with ".doc" files, which is a binary document format in versions of Word prior to 2007. The ".doc" file format is still common because of the number of older machines still in use and the reluctance to upgrade software in a down economy.

This is one reason for the popularity of www.docx2doc.com as many users who receive docx files cannot open the new file format on their older version of Microsoft Word.

The Docx2doc.com Team

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