Thursday, April 25, 2013

New web server for

We are delighted to report that we have relocated to a new server which has double the  speed, memory, and more disk space.  What this means in day-to-day terms is that we can process more conversions for you, do it faster, and have a better conversion rate. We are delighted to put the work into moving our platform to faster hardware because this means our converters are becoming more popular!

We require some serious horespower to do these conversion because we do it in REAL TIME. There is no waiting for e-mails, registrations, or queues. As soon as your file is uploaded we convert it. Not many places can do this at all, let alone do these conversions for free.  But we know this is what you want, and this is what we deliver even if it costs us more to do it.

Enjoy your faster, better, and more realiable web converter site,!

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