Sunday, January 9, 2011

Have you received a docx file in your e-mail inbox

Times have been tough lately, and the economy is still in bad shape. Things that you would normally spend money on in good times just aren't happening as often these days. For example, you may not want to upgrade to the latest and greatest software since what you have is working just fine.

So you wait and  rather not shell out extra money for upgrading Microsoft Word or other software. But then you get a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment from someone, and it opens up as garbage or not at all. It's a really important document and you need to read it fast. How do you read the newer docx file format?

One option is to quickly convert the docx file online at

Simply click the 'File Browse' button and upload your file and in seconds it is converted back to a normal doc file and opens immediately.

Presto! You have just converted your file so you can read it right away without the pain, hassle, and money needed to upgrade your Microsoft Word!

More information can be found at

The Team


  1. Sorry...but I've been trying to go through your .docx to .doc conversion and it simply doesn't well as your docx to pdf conversion...which leads me to ask if you are mac compatible and if so, if your intention all along is to prompt the full package purchase, in which case - I would be happy to do for a whoppin' 1.75 but simply advertise that it is necessary instead of wasting my time trying to convert files. If that is the case, I will now source it elsewhere even if it costs me 5 times as much.

  2. Yes, all the Docx2doc converters can be used on a Mac. However, as with any conversion certain files may not convert exactly as expected. We have a multiplass converter to try and detect and automatically fix errors, I am sorry this has not worked out for you.